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When the founders of Inimitable, Zavion and John, were looking to actualize their lifelong dream of building a wedding venue that was as unique as it was marvelous, it was very important that the right setting be chosen. The historical piece of land upon which Inimitable is built not only offers historical importance, but also the most spectacular views of the mountains and surrounds. With its close proximity to many wonderful tourist attractions such as the Sterkfontein Caves, Rhino and Lion Park and some of the oldest manually dug gold mines scattered loosely in the surrounding hills, this area offers so much to those who visit. Lanseria International Airport, the bustling hub of Fourways and the world famous Monte Casino are never more than a fifteen minute drive from Inimitable, which makes its location ideal for international guests to maximize their experience of this wonderful country. 

From the moment the gates of Inimitable open, your eyes are automatically drawn to the beauty of the Zwartkop Mountains directly in front of you. These mountains tip gently into the very hills where gold was first discovered in South Africa in 1886 by George Harrison. This discovery sparked an excitement and a passion and immediately breathed life into the the gorgeous landscape we now know as the Cradle of Humankind. Little did the residents of this small river crossing town know that the very ground upon which they lived held safely the secrets of the history of humankind and that their sleepy riverside town would, in years to come, become one of the most famous historical sites in the world. 



The venue boasts 12 executive suites for guests, an extensive and beautiful Bridal Suite with private gardens, honeymoon villa and a gorgeous Groom’s Suite located in the forest; all with 300 thread count Egyptian cotton, king size beds and private verandas overlooking the Zwartkop mountains.

A gorgeous canapés area, with fully stocked bar, sits confidently above the river and allows guests a full 180 degree viewing deck of not only the venue, but the meandering Crocodile River valley. The reception hall stands boldly alongside a network of gardens and water features and overlooks not only the mountain, but the River below. Hosting between 100 and 400 people, the Riverside Reception Hall is sure to impress all with its modern features and design elements.

Firmly founded in the philosophy that, in life, everything is “always a pleasure, and never a chore”, Inimitable ensures that every guest experience is unique and pleasurable. The friendly and welcoming staff at Inimitable are trained in this philosophy and a culture of excellence exists in every facet of the venue. From the perfectly manicured gardens, world-class accommodation and breathtaking Groom and Bridal suites, to the exceptional glass chapel that nestles into the forest alongside the river, Inimitable promises to make your experience not only memorable, but in every sense of the word; Inimitable.

Inimitable offers its clients an exceptional experience, outstanding service and are proud to welcome you to this world-class venue.



so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique.